Admin appliction:Dug4545

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Admin appliction:Dug4545

Post by Dug454 on Sat Oct 10, 2015 5:09 am

In game name:Dug4545



Why i want to be a admin: First of all i am very active on the server i am on from 2-5 hrs on each days with exceptions.
Second of all i see quite a bit of harassment and insults directed towards me and other people and when other no admins are on it kind of angers me that i can not do anything about it. Third of all it is by far my favorite unturned server and i want to help to keep it active and fun.

Thank you and i hope you consider my application.

Dug4545 Very Happy


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Re: Admin appliction:Dug4545

Post by Admin on Sun Oct 11, 2015 10:34 am

Thanks bud I got ur app through the website and emails were sent out today letting u know what the next step is. Look forward to hearing from you



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