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Post by madmick on Sun May 24, 2015 5:38 pm

Over the past week we at millersworld have started a support program for Twitch streamers. We aim to provide a stable enviroment were broadcasters have control over the content they produce. Using our services we would like to grow our Twitch community and help promote Millersworld servers. Millersworld would be thankful if you would offer them the same support and follow their channels.

Who have we support?

PsychoStreamers =
Current admin team member on Millersworld servers.

Vithaelryn        =
Hate me, love me.

KHstreaming    =
Hey fellow twitcher, my name is Kieren and I live in Britain in a depressing town called blackpool... lol I love making videos and hopefully someday become successful but entertaining to everyone who watches videos on twitch! Smile

ZaneLearGamingLive  =
Welcome to my new stream page, I made a new account on here, also made one for HitBox as well, I felt like starting over fresh, so I hope you all will enjoy your time here.


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