((OLD)) Info for the In-Game Store

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((OLD)) Info for the In-Game Store

Post by ThornDrayton on Thu May 21, 2015 4:50 pm

((Note! This method of buying and selling is no longer being used, but I wish the post to stay on the forum for archive purposes!))
Hello all!

As you may be aware, a in-game store can be accessed at times during the day, opened by lovely admins such as ourselves. Recently, we have came across a dilemma on what the currency should be to gain items you want, and what what prices. So, this is my idea;


Yes, you read that correctly. Glue. Why? Well, currently in, glue serves no purpose. If Nelson hasn't given it a use, we should give it a use. And, due to it being uncommon (Atleast in my experience) and everyone on the lookout for them, even one tub of that super strong liquidy binding substance becomes something worth having, and even killing for.

Now onto the listy bit. Below is my personal opinions on how much glue is needed for what item.

If you have any questions about this list, or want to know more infomation, please direct your questions and inquiries to Thorn Drayton.


Depending on the type of item will depend on how much glue is required to buy it. For example, a Hunger/Bar item (For instance, Chocolate Bar) will be cheap, but a Weapon/Assault would be much more expensive, as you would presume.
Note, for this list I will categorize them as their core values. For example, Bottled Water would be Drink/Bottle, as it is in a bottle and heals your thirst. Simple.


I have also implemented selling to the store in exchange for glue. If you sell an item, it will be half of its buy price, rounded down. For example, a Bluntforce (tagged Weapon/Assault) would be sold for 3 glue. A Cobra (tagged Weapon/Pistol) would get you 1 as half of 3 is 1.5. 1.5 rounded down is just 1, so you would get 1 glue for selling it.
Items that are worth 1 glue for buying will only get you 0.5 glue, and because of this, you need another 1 glue worth item to balance the number to 1 glue. An example of this is that you would need 2 hats to get 1 glue.

You CANNOT sell vehicles.

Please note that 3.0 Unturned is still being developed and more items are likely to be implemented in the future. I will continue to add any of these future items into this list if neccesary.


Weapon/MOneHand = 2 Glue (Butterfly Knives, Chef Knives, Hammers etc.)
Weapon/MTwoHand = 3 Glue (Hockey Sticks, Axes, Sledgehammers etc.)
Weapon/Pistol = 3 Glue (Colt, Cobra, Ace etc.)
Weapon/Bow = 4 Glue (Wood, Compound, Crossbow)
Weapon/Farm = 5 Glue (Schofield, Hawkhound, Masterkey etc.)
Weapon/Assault = 6 Glue (Maplestrike, Eaglefire, Bluntforce etc.)
Weapon/LMG = 7 Glue (Dragonfire, Nykorev)
Weapon/Sniper = 8 Glue (Timberwolf, Snayperskya)
Weapon/Grizzly = 9 Glue
Weapon/Shadowstaker = 10 Glue


Med/1 = 1 Glue (Rag, Cough Syrup, Adrenaline)
Med/2 = 2 Glue (Banage, Vitamins, Morphine, Tablets, Splint)
Med/3 = 3 Glue (Dressing, Vaccine, Anti-biotics, Painkillers)
Med/4 = 4 Glue (Staturekit, Blood Bag)
Med/Kit = 5 Glue


Food/Bars = 1 Glue (Chocolate Bar, Energy Bar, Candy Bar etc.)
Food/Fresh = 1 Glue (Corn, Lettuce, Eggs etc.)
Food/Can = 2 Glue (Canned Bacon, Canned Pasta, Canned Tomato Soup etc.)
Food/MRE = 3 Glue
Drink/Box = 1 Glue (Apple Juice, Grape Juice)
Drink/Bottle = 2 Glue (Bottled Water, Bottled Cola, Bottled Energy etc.)
Drink/CanteenC = 2 Glue (Crafted Canteens)
Drink/Canteen = 3 Glue (Regular Canteen)


Body = 1 Glue
Legs = 1 Glue
Head = 1 Glue
Full Military Clothing = 3 Glue
Full Ghillie Clothing = 5 Glue
Backpacks = 2 Glue
Alicepack = 4 Glue
Nightvision = 6 Glue


AmmoBox/Civ = 3 Glue
AmmoBox/Ran = 4 Glue
AmmoBox/Mil = 5 Glue
Ammo/Pistol = 3 Glue
Ammo/Bow = 1 Glue (Either 2 Regular or 4 Crafted)
Ammo/Farm = 3 Glue (Excluding 20 Gauge)
Ammo/Shells = 2 Glue (Either 1 12Gauge or 2 20Gauge)
Ammo/Assault = 4 Glue
Ammo/Drum = 5 Glue
Ammo/LMG = 5 Glue
Ammo/Sniper = 6 Glue
Ammo/Grizzly = 7 Glue
Ammo/Rail = 8 Glue

Weapon Attachments

Attach/Fore = 4 Glue
Attach/Scope = 6 Glue
Attach/IronS = 3 Glue
Attach/Barrel = 5 Glue
Attach/Tactical = 5 Glue


Nade/Smoke = 3 Glue
Nade/Flare = 3 Glue
Nade/Grenade = 4 Glue


Car/Roadster= 7 Glue
Car/OffRoad = 6 Glue
Car/Hatch = 6 Glue
Car/Truck = 6 Glue (Includes Fire Truck)
Car/Sedan = 6 Glue (Includes Police Car)
Car/Van = 7 Glue (Includes Ambulence)
Car/Military = 8 Glue (Humvee, APC, Ural)


All Maple Building Placeables = 2 Glue Each
All Birch Building Placeables = 2 Glue Each
All Pine Building Placeables = 2 Glue Each
All Metal Building Placeables = 3 Glue Each
Regular Placeables = 2 Glue Each
Generator = 4 Glue
Spotlight = 2 Glue

(These are items that I couldn't think of a general tag for)

We do not accept selling or buying Logs, Sticks and Planks, due to them being everywhere

2x Scrap Metal = 1 Glue
2x Cloth = 1 Glue
Gas Can = 4 Glue
Nails = 1 Glue
Rope = 1 Glue
Tape = 1 Glue
Chemicals = 1 Glue
Explosives = 2 Glue
Bricks = 1 Glue
Can = 1 Glue

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Re: ((OLD)) Info for the In-Game Store

Post by simpiboy777 on Tue Aug 04, 2015 10:14 am

where can i find the store now?


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Re: ((OLD)) Info for the In-Game Store

Post by Admin on Tue Aug 04, 2015 12:15 pm

ok store is ingame using commands

/balance = how much u got
/cost itemid/name = how much shop sells and buys items
/buy itemid/name amount = when buying
/sell itemid/name amount = when sell

if buying or selling one item you do not need to add amount.


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Re: ((OLD)) Info for the In-Game Store

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