Hunger-Games style "Purges" and validity of Airdrops and other scenarios

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Hunger-Games style "Purges" and validity of Airdrops and other scenarios

Post by Feldor55 on Sat Mar 14, 2015 11:29 am

Greetings chaps!

I'm currently curious of two things on the server which I'll leave for open discussion. One, whether "Purges", where we set up an arena in a specified area, then teleport all players in, spread items out around the area and having a central area with a LOT of decent weaponary in is acceptable. Personally, I really like this idea, though would rather have other peoples' thoughts on it before going ahead and doing it.

And secondly, something I really like doing as an admin, specific scenarios which give the players something interesting to do. One example of this would be something I did quite recently:
Recently, I fortified the cafe at Scotia Nova with barricades, caltrops and barbed wire, and inside placed bedrolls, food and water, military clothing, NVG's and several rifles, not to mention plentiful ammo.
While this might sound unbalanced at first glance, the point of it was to have an area close to the east cost (or where you spawn if you have no bed or choose "respawn" instead of "home") so that basically all players can access it, with the thought of a small group of high-level-gear players having to defend against wave after wave of lower-level players.

Another thought is scenarios as simple as spawning a load of maplestrikes at one location and letting everyone know where they are. The key to both of these is letting everyone know they're there, making them free to the public so they can do as they wish.

Personally, I really like doing things like this, as it mixes up the gameplay, and after all, we're all on the server to have fun, right? So I just wanted to get everyone else's opinions on acts such as these.

Cheers everybody!
~Feldor, ThatOneRedcoat, jonnieneutron


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Re: Hunger-Games style "Purges" and validity of Airdrops and other scenarios

Post by madmick on Mon Mar 16, 2015 6:19 pm

Love the idea of admin run games. I thought about setting up something like capture the frag hehe not flag. Seen as we dont have flags but mayby a rare magazine. As for mayby squad battles me and milk have been working on a map showcase server which is currenlty hosting milks TDMILK map, could we get some steam squads together and make a tournament out of it? I build a pvp house with muddy once and geared player up to pvp against admins in it. The only problem is unless the map is made with combat arenas on it the scheduled server resets will wipe them out. More will be posted soon on how players can have there maps showcased for a month mayby we can add stuff to that Smile



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