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Post by Admin on Thu May 07, 2015 5:50 pm

We have added some plugins to the server to try and stop any hacking. Most are for admins but a few can be used by everyone.

This is a list of all of the commands available in Rocket. This does not include any commands added by plugins.

   /god - turns on and off god mode
   /i <item id / name>/ - gives you items
   /v <vehicle id / name> - gives you a vehicle
   /tp <player id / name> - teleports you to a given player
   /tphere <player id / name> - teleports a given player to you
   /heal [player id / name] - heals a given player / leave blank for self-heal
   /vanish - turns on and off invisibility to other players
   /duty - allows you to turn on and off admin (like for moderators)
   /investigate <player name> - tells you the player's Steam 64 id.


   /home- teleports you to your last bed placed
   /ci - clears your inventory (cannot use on others)
   /compass - tells you what direction you are facing
   /z - gives you a zombie


   /lag - shows the server's TPS and when last restarted
   /p - tells you what group you are in and what commands you can use
   /rocket - About us Smile

All Unturned commands are prefixed with a / instead of @. All commands are available to admins.


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