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Welcome to one of the three Miller's World servers! If you are here, you're most likely wondering what to not do so you don't get in trouble, so, I've compiled a list of all the things you can and cannot do while visiting this server.

What Not To Do

1.Bullying other players. (Punishments: Warning, 1 hour ban, 12 hour ban, permanent ban.)

2.Disrespecting and disobeying admins. (Punishments: 12 hour ban, permanent ban.)

3.Cheating/Hacking. (Punishment: Permanent ban.)

4.Directed swearing at players. (Punishments: "Three Strike" warning system, 1 hour ban, 12 hour ban, 24 hour ban.)

*If you cause someone to make this face  affraid  they may punish you with lots of anger.Very Happy

What you can do

1.Pretty much everything that doesn't disobey the "What Not To Do" section. Very Happy

2.ABSOLUTELY DO NOT HAVE FUN (Don't worry, I'm being sarcastic)

Other Rules

1. If a player requests to teleport and the receiving end of the teleportation accepts the player will be teleported by an active admin. *Teleportation to a town is not allowed.

Remember, these rules will always be expanding with the expansion of this server.
Thank you for your cooperation,


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