Admin abuse by Lori

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Admin abuse by Lori

Post by makentox on Wed Oct 28, 2015 8:43 pm

Today i have been permanent ban for complaining about his action on Washington server. I understand that  we, players should respect admins but respect "admins" like lori is way too much. Today i saw that lori trading game experience for coins, he asked 5:1 coin:exp ratio, he meant that players should buy items for his use and he will boost them with exp. When i said to lori with all my kindness i could that he shouldnt do it because it makes some people on server more overpowered than others. He said that there was a plugin before but now it doesnt work, but wait that plugin let players trade experience for coins and NOT coins for experience first of all, and now it doesnt work so what the hell. How can u imagine players like me with 200k + coins traiding coins for exp with 5:1 ratio. It is possible, i said some harsh things to him but he had no reason to permaban me without any warning. I hope u can read chat log to understand where was the problem to make it clear. Its not the first time Lori decides to give some players advantage.
I follow rules that listed on forum and i pretty sure admins should do the same thing.
I want you to reply me if u could read chat log and what u gonna do about it.


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Re: Admin abuse by Lori

Post by Admin on Sat Oct 31, 2015 9:43 am

Sure bud will look into it and see what's gone on, will look at getting ur ban lifted and speak to Lori.


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